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We are open to guest articles for Health and Fitness, Tech News, Gadgets, the Latest Mobile Phone, Business, Services, SEO, Travel, Education, Finance, Sports, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle Blogging, Fashion, and many more categories to write about for us.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines – Write for us.

  1. The text should be at least 775 words.
  2. Don’t submit content that you have already published in your blog or elsewhere.
  3. If we discover that the content to be promoted content will be immediately disapproved and deemed unsuitable. You may include your company’s idea in the range, but it must benefit the viewers.
  4. The article Must be 100% unique (no-plagiarism article approved)
  5. There aren’t any grammar errors in this article.
  6. The images should be relevant to the subject of your article. Photos must be original and not make use of copyrighted images. (use one of the sites for accurate pictures Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash Freepik, etc.).
  7. All your article posts are under the edit/admin.
  8. We choose carefully what articles we release. Your content should be professionally written, engaging, and 100% original and informative.
  9. After your article is published on our website, you may not reuse the article elsewhere.
  10. Your article is not a spammy social bookmarking website.
  11. We do not allow adult-oriented content.


If interested, contact us using the below Gmail address and a contact form.

You can send me at digitalsanju9@gmail.com or use the form on our Contact Us Page.

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