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Social Media Auto Posting Plugin for WordPress – 2023

If you have an instructional blog or blog that is writing evergreen content, there’s no reason why you should abandon promoting old content.

I’ve shared my ways to promote older blog posts. Today I’ll talk about one WordPress plugin that can assist you with the promotion on social media of old blog posts as well as the promotion of your Woo-commerce product.

Mainly, if you’re an administrator of an entire network comprised of WordPress websites (an agency or an individual), The social media auto-posting plugin on WordPress will make sure that your social media accounts remain up and running. If you are an agency, you could use this as an additional service you offer to customers; this could mean an increase in revenue for you.

Revive old posts is a free WordPress plugin that works with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and will publish your old posts to these networks.

I’ve already discussed how important it is to tweet your posts multiple times. We need to tweet posts multiple times, and we will adopt the same method this time, however, for a long time.

We’ll be looking at the old tweets WordPress plugin, an easy-to-install plugin that allows you to share blogs’ old posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr & a few more social networks.

How do you use Revive Old Post for Auto-sharing old content:

Revive old posts is an essential WordPress plugin that lets you quickly alter the settings and start sharing old posts on various social media sites.

This plugin is available in both a free and an upgrade version. The Pro version allows you to post updates automatically on several social media sites. It also includes features like:

  • Auto posts photos
  • Tags or categories can be used for Hashtag
  • Auto-posting is a feature of the custom type of post

Pricing of the Social Revive plugin:

Social revive has the option of a free version, with limitations on the WordPress plugin repository. However, it is worth the price if you purchase the pro version. It offers annual licenses and offers lifetime licenses. This makes it highly profitable for WordPress agencies.

The Pro version costs starting at $78.75 for a single license. Considering this is the only one of its kind on the market, it appears to be a good value.

Check the price below:

The plugin has been in use for a long time, and the developers are constantly developing new features and ensuring it’s compatible with most current WordPress.

How to set up Revive’s social WordPress plugin:

The plugin is simple to set up regardless of whether you’re an absolute novice.

The initial step is connecting every social media profile so the auto-poster can do its job.

After you’ve set your plugin to use, it’ll automatically share content from your blog at the set time.

I’ve utilized other tools for automation, such as Tweethunter and SocialPilot, which allow us to set up tweets, but they require manual effort.

This plugin automatically shares the older posts on social media sites, and you can continue driving exemplary visitors to your blog’s old posts.

To install this plugin:

  • Find Revive old blog post, and then install it. The plugin to activate it.
  • The settings of the plugin.
  • Verify it using your Twitter account
  • Verify its authenticity using Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Use hashtags
  • Share a link, share link + body
  • URL shortener
  • Text with a prefix or suffix
  • Exclude categories

One feature that I find extremely useful is the feature to exclude posts. It is possible to exclude the sharing of any post with this plugin. This helps to keep from sharing posts with no value.

The settings are easy to comprehend, and you can easily set them. The Revive old post plugin allows you to exclude specific blog posts from being auto-tweeted. This is helpful if you choose a specific category but want to exclude a particular post. If you are a WordPress blogger, reviving old posts is a fantastic marketing plugin. It would help if you began using it today. Make sure to keep a reasonable time frame between sharing your posts; otherwise, it could annoy your followers.

The Pro version lets users connect multiple Twitter accounts and auto-share images featured in the content. The inclusion of images in your share can increase the visibility of the content you share.

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