No Grain Dog Food

No Grain Dog Food

Fish Dog Food and Grain Free Dog Food
No grain dog food can be a bliss to your dog. No grain, means no whey,rice or maize.

Whey has been used at lot and contains gluten. Gluten is a good protein source, but can irritate the stomach and intestines. Some dogs are intolerant to gluten. If you are looking for gluten free dog food, grain free dog food is the same as gluten free.

Dog eating grain free dog food
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Often this kind of dog food is recommended in different types of Grain Dog Food intolerance, food allergies or skin allergies.

One of the first types was fish and potato dog food from Eukanuba. Fish as the protein source and potato as the carbohydrate source. At that time this was not usual ingredients in normal dog food. Therefore very suitable for this group of diseases.

Now you have lots of different kind of grain free dog food. Royal Canine has one called Sensitive. It has Blue Whiting fish and Tapioca in it. Tapioca is very exiting source of carbohydrate. Totally gluten free and the protein content is very low.

Protein Amount

When grain is not used as an ingredient – and cheap filler – in

Dog Food the protein content can be raised. I do believe that dogs need more protein that we normally think. Protein makes you feel satisfied.

Carbohydrates raise bloodsugar fast and hunger disapears. But not for long. Then you will be hungry again. I think this is the same for dogs.

Using a high quality no food can really be beneficial. More protein means less hunger. More fish means more fatty acids which is very beneficial as well.

The protein content can vary a lot. Most of the diets has around 20-24% of protein. But Orijen Fresh Fish Dog Food has 40%

Advice From Practice

Try different kinds of food. Not all dogs are the same. There can be lot of differences. Try different foods and see what your dog likes the most.

I use to recommend Royal Canine Sensitive Diet in more chronic cases of intestinal problem. Before trying a diet you can’t be sure if it will work. If your dog does have stomach and intestinal problems, your vet can advice you which no grain dog food to try.

Photo courtesy of Mike Baird

Some of the different grain free dog foods and links to the different companies making them. You will not find any reviews of the different brands but try to find out more about the different companies and there philosophy behind their foods.

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