Human sources of air pollution

Human sources of air pollution

Human sources of air pollution: It would not be wrong at all to say that human beings have polluted the atmosphere or air highly by their various activities and are doing so. Diversified use of energy, industry, transportation, increase in the use of chemicals, etc., have provided many facilities to human beings, but have also given rise to a crisis in the form of air pollution. keep reading

(i) Fuel, such as wood, coal, dung cakes, kerosene, gas, etc., are used for routine household work like cooking food, heating water, etc. In this burning process, gases like carbon-di-oxide, carbon-monoxide, sulfur-di-oxide etc. are generated which pollute the air. Human sources of air pollution

(ii) In the present era, there has been a lot of progress in the field of transport, due to this, where the distances have been reduced, the problem of air pollution is deepening day by day.

(iii) All energy driven vehicles get their power from internal combustion along with smoke which contains toxic gases and harmful pollution elements. The smoke released from them also contains harmful carbon monoxide and lead particles which increase air pollution.

(iv) Smog is also born from oxides of nitrogen released from petrol and diesel, which react with hydrocarbons in sunlight to give rise to lethal photochemical smog. Human sources of air pollution

(v) Compared to developed countries, the number of vehicles in our country is less, but the air pollution is not less because the engines of vehicles here are old, they are not well maintained and normal vehicles are indifferent to the environmental pollution caused by them. Huh .

(vi) Where thermal energy is obtained by burning coal, the risk of air pollution becomes high as excessive coal is burnt in this process. As a result, polluting gases such as sulphur-di-oxide, oxides of carbon not only spread in the atmosphere, apart from this, fine particles of coal ash and carbon spread in the atmosphere around it.

(vii) Where transport is responsible for air pollution on the one hand and industry on the other. In fact, air pollution is a product of the industrial revolution. In industries, there is a combustion process on the one hand and on the other hand the smoke of various substances which comes out of the industrial chimneys merges into the atmosphere and which results in air pollution.

(viii) The city of Los Angeles is always covered with a cloud of smoke due to industries. In Japan, when air pollution is high, children are made to wear nets on their faces while going to school. Although air pollution by industries in India is less than in industrialized countries, but in some cities where there are enough industries, its level is posing a health hazard.

(ix) Similarly acid rain is also a dangerous type of air pollution. Acid rain occurs when sulfur-di-oxide (SO2) reaches the air to form sulfuric acid (H2SO4) which falls in the form of fine particles containing a high sulfate ion. This type of water is harmful to both humans and plants.

(x) At present, the process of agriculture has also started causing air pollution. This pollution is happening due to excessive use of pesticides. Toxic drugs are sprayed in agriculture to prevent various types of diseases, sometimes this spraying is also done by helicopters or small planes.

(xi) The solvents used for various types of paints, sprays, polishes, etc., spread in the air as they contain hydrocarbons and pollute the air.

(xii) While nuclear power is being used to obtain infinite power, on the one hand, the slightest carelessness not only becomes the cause of air pollution but also death.

(xiii) Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki polluted the atmosphere so much that some of its remains can still be seen.
In fact, the progress made by humans in the fields of industry, transport, energy, etc., is having direct and indirect effects in the form of air pollution. Today this crisis is deepening all over the world.

Side Effect of Air Pollution Human sources of air pollution

(1) As the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is increasing, due to this the ozone layer protecting the earth is getting thinner. Due to which the harmful rays coming from the list fall directly on us, which is causing diseases like skin cancer.

(2) Asthma, asthma, cancer, headache, stomach diseases, allergies, heart disease can occur due to air pollution, which is very harmful for our health. Many people die every day due to these diseases.

(3) The amount of oxygen in our atmosphere was 24%, but gradually its quantity is decreasing, according to a research, the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere is still 22%.

(4) Due to lack of clean air and oxygen, animals and animals are dying prematurely and some species have become extinct as well. If air pollution continues like this, then one day all the animal species will become extinct.

(5) Due to the high amount of pollution in the air, the balance of the earth is also deteriorating. Every day some disaster keeps coming, the reason for this is pollution, if we want to save our environment, then air pollution has to be reduced.

(6) Due to air pollution, many types of harmful substances can also be found in the pure air.

Measures to prevent air pollution

(i) If we want to control air pollution, then we should plant more and more trees because trees release oxygen from plants and they take in carbon dioxide. Due to which most of the polluted air gets cleaned. At present, trees and plants are being cut in large quantities, due to which air pollution is spreading in large quantities. Human sources of air pollution

(ii) Today the whole world is facing the problem of population growth. If we can control population growth, then there will be less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and we will need to set up less industries. This will reduce the amount of pollution. Population growth is the main reason for air pollution.

(iii) We should close those factories which cause a lot of pollution and the height of the chimneys of the factories we need should be high, so that our atmosphere is least affected.

(iv) We should find new sources of energy. We should reduce the use of coal and nuclear energy.

(v) We should use solar energy in more quantity, due to which there will be no air pollution and we will also get complete energy.

(vi) Whenever any construction takes place in our entire country, it takes place in the open, due to which dust and soil keeps flying all around and the whole environment gets polluted. Whenever we do construction work, it should be covered with a cloth which does not cause air pollution.

(vii) Even today, in our country, old vehicles continue to run on the roads, from which poisonous smoke is released in large quantities. Which pollute the whole environment. One old vehicle emits as much smoke as 10 new vehicles, which plays an important role in air pollution. Human sources of air pollution

(viii) If we have to reduce air pollution then we have to use more public vehicles, which will cause least pollution.

(ix) To control air pollution, our government should make new rules and certificate related to pollution control should be made mandatory as well as strictness should be shown in the Air Pollution Act (1981).

(x) If we want to control any type of pollution, then people should be aware of pollution. We should make people aware about pollution by taking out rails and there should be curriculum about pollution in schools. Due to which children know from childhood that by doing what work pollution spreads.

(xi) We should go to the village and explain to the people with the help of street plays that how harmful pollution is for our health, only then we can control air pollution.

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Air pollution is deadly. It is necessary to control this, otherwise all the traces of life on earth will be erased. Unless all of us people think about reducing air pollution, then air pollution cannot be reduced because our government cannot control air pollution by going to every street and locality, so we have to come forward and make people aware of air pollution. We have to tell about it and explain its measures, only then we can control air pollution.

The collective efforts of people all over the world can help in controlling air pollution. Industrial areas should be set up away from residential areas, encourage use of tall chimneys (with filters and electrostatic precipitators), encourage high temperature indicators in place of small temperature indicators, use non-flammable sources of energy, Promoting the use of non-leading antinoc agents in petrol, promoting tree plantation and many more positive efforts. Only then can air pollution be controlled.

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