How to make the best dream 11 teams in ipl 2021

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How to use the Dream11 app?

Dream11 allows players to choose their favorite fantasy sports. Sports can come from cricket, football, basketball, and more. As with all fantasy league applications, players must choose to create a dream 11 teams of their choice in a particular sport, participate in a league where they can compete with most people or others, and face one of the many. Their friends face to face.

How to know an IPL using the Dream11 app?

IPL is one of the biggest cricket games in India. Fans from each city support their respective teams. As the whole environment becomes very competitive dream 11 teams think they want to compete. Fans often compete against each other on various platforms (e.g., fantasy leagues) to expand their sports support. Dream11 is a sponsor of IPL2021, so it offers unique fun and benefits. Here’s how to play IPL on Dream11.

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Start the Dream11 app.

  • Choose cricket and choose IPL
  • Please select a future game
  • The following application asks you to create a team
  • Then, the players have to enter one of the IPL players to form a team with their assigned credit units. It is advisable to choose a well-balanced team of different players and hitters, and pitchers who will achieve higher scores.
  • After that, the player is invited to join the league
  • Players can participate in any free or paid league of their choice. Players will have to pay a small fee if they wish to participate in paid tournaments.
  • After participating, the player’s team will earn points based on the game’s actual performance.

How to make the best dream 11 teams in ipl 2021

Want to know how to build a Dream11 team? Then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to present 6 essential points that will help you build your winning team in Dream11 and win big. Let’s get started!

Play the selected game

One of the biggest mistakes fantasy gamers make is playing all games for more money. The knowledge of the game sucks, it makes them lose money, but it happens. If you want to make money in fantasy sports, you should avoid doing so.


It is the most important underestimated in fantasy sports. Conducting research may seem like a waste of time, but doing a little research can make your team stand out from the crowd. The information you need to collect includes:

Build an ideal team

So, after completing the survey, you need to create a team.


The important thing is that creating multiple teams increases your chances of winning. You need to focus on the versatile player on your team. Because they provide batting and bowling scores and are suitable for the captain, also, in the limited games, you will have a high probability to choose the turnstile, so you will have to choose a bowling ball for bowling in a dead solid game.

Dream11’s new point system allows you to determine the game’s winner from 1 or 2 turnstiles. Also, try to pick the best hitter in their twenties. They have a chance of dealing with the delivery of most of the game.

Don’t invest all your money in gambling

Another big mistake made by fantasy players is to win one or two games and put all their money in one game. If they are unlucky, they lose all their money.


You have to invest the same amount in each game. For example, for 10,000 rupees, you have to divide it into 10 equal parts. This means that you have to invest 1000 rupees per game. In this way, you can get a more extended Dream11 advantage.

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Don’t be afraid to take risks!

We are not afraid to take risks. There are many people playing Dream11, most of whom also have 8-9 players on the same team. This is all the more true as Dream11 has decided to change the deadline. You can bet 1 or 2 players and help you win money.


Dream11 shows the player’s select percentage and makes multiple players work wonders. No player will use the same method in all games. “Investigate” (point 2) here is very helpful.

Select the captain and the assistant captain

It’s an essential part of building a team. Ultimately, it can be the difference between “coming home” to winning the contest. The captain of your team gives you 2x points, and the assistant captain gives you 1.5x points. Therefore, it is imperative to select players who appear to be the best in the gaming performance chart, supported by surveys and essential information.

Dream11 also indicates which player will be people’s first choice as captain and assistant captain.

So, you can choose who you travel with.

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