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How to Increase Organic Traffic in 2021

8 Tips for success

Here are some strategies you might listen to increase natural visitors (organic traffic) to your website in 2021. They may not seem like the type of web optimization techniques you should use, but these strategies should be introduced as part of your core techniques. By implementing them one by one, you will strive to increase your visibility and the number of visitors (organic traffic) to your website.

1. Discover your competitors

The more you know about their optimization techniques, the better your site will perform.

Once you have taken the time to determine what works on your site and your competitors for the SERPs, you can take the next step in your evaluation, understand why their techniques work and apply that understanding to your own approach.

A good starting point is to research your competitors’ most effective pages to get an idea of where your natural visitors are coming from and what they are being driven to.

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2. Propose a content methodology using keyword hole evaluation

There are two main points to consider when developing a content strategy

  • Optimizing current content
  • Create new content

While optimizing current content is usually the easiest method (it’s easier to find good stuff in previously published content than in brand new content), most sites reach a stage where they optimize all of their current content.

At this level, your efforts will be focused on creating updated content. However, one of the biggest mistakes SEOs make when creating content is to do it blindly.

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One of the biggest challenges SEOs face is learning how to acquire authority backlinks on a large scale.

Top three ranking factors for Google is still Backlink. There are a number of totally different link-building strategies that show how to effectively acquire relevant hyperlinks, but the truth is that many methods are difficult to succeed.

4. Improve your natural CTR by means of PPC testing

CTR is a ranking factor that must be optimized. However, let’s discuss the weather that can affect your site’s click-through rates. Typically, this is a

  • Title tag
  • Meta Descriptions.

(Allowing additional ad houses, image blocks, etc. will prevent natural listings and result in lower CTR). But how do you know which title tags and meta descriptions will give you the best CTR?

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5. Optimize for “people ask too”.

The SERPs of 2021 will go beyond the “10 blue hyperlinks” that dominate Google’s first page, and a good SEO should strive to leverage as many SERP options as possible.

Of course, one option that SEOs should make the most of is “Folks Additional Ask.”

According to SEMrush’s sensors, the share of SERPs using AAP has risen to about 40-42% for desktop and mobile, respectively. But for those who don’t know what “Folks Additional Ask” is, these are the questions that appear in SERPs.

Many contractors have not yet heard of the PAA, but it is an opportunity and you can benefit from it.

Given the difficulty of building high quality backlinks, a good strategy to use is a variation of damaged hyperlink building.

This strategy relies on discovering damaged hyperlinks, creating content suitable for those hyperlinks, and working to get them to redirect to your work (rather than useless), but you can also use a trick along the way to get ahead of the game.

7. Use ancillary content to present relevant experiences

Google needs to rank the most effective search results. Therefore, it is important to consider optimization not only for a keyword, but for other issues as well.

By demonstrating relevant experience, you have the opportunity to rank high in the SERPs for “cash” keywords. Do you know about topic groups?

This is a way to create grouped content, especially with internal links to your pillar web pages. These are more in-depth pages that answer specific questions on a common topic, again with links to the main web pages. This allows you to create content that is optimized for longer keywords.

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Have you ever been on page 2 for a keyword that you would like to see on page 1 of the SERPs? The timing of these pages, including internal links, can show you how to do this.

Internal links go through the proper PageRank (hyperlink authority) and relevance parameters. Internal links are one of the most underutilized web optimization techniques, often resulting in page rankings that drop from page 2 to page 1.

In order for internal links to be effective and increase organic traffic, you must first look for options to adjust the page 2 position.

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