Healthy Sleep Habits

“Health”, a term known to all is a state of the body that is totally free from any illness or injury. Being healthy should be a part of our lifestyle as a  Good health and a happy mind are priceless possessions that one can have.

When we are asked to reflect on what “health” is we often define it as body weight, body mass index (BMI), exercise and nutrition. In reality, “being healthy” might best be measured by joyful movements, balanced nutrition, stress management and of critical importance—quality and sound sleep.

All human beings irrespective of their gender require at least a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours, yet there are more than one third of the population who do not get those minimum hours of sound sleep which is becoming a major concern among teenagers and adults nowadays.

Consequences of Inadequate Quality Sleep:

Inadequate sleep often results in Health issues. When sleep quality and duration are poor, individuals tend to have less energy,feel lethargic,  experience less self control ,tend to be moody, develop an increased craving for sweets etc. Further, there’s more than 50% higher risk for obesity if you get fewer than four to five hours of sleep each night. There are numerous other negative effects also which includes deficiencies of the immune system of the body, fluctuation in the blood pressure risk of heart diseases, more chances of developing depression, tension,stress and anxiety, irritability, forgetfulness and lack of concentration and focus on anything.

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How to Build Better healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep fitness takes effort and the implementation of small changes in daily behaviors to promote better sleep.No change will come abruptly so if one needs to bring a change , one should raise his level of awareness or can track his/ her sleeping habits throughout the week.

Observe such things as:

  • At what you wake up
  • At what time you had your last meal
  • What you did before bed (read, watch TV, scroll social media, etc.)
  • What time you turn the lights out
  • Alcohol intake
  • The type of light and level of brightness one is exposed to before bed
  • How was your entire day
  • Your level of energy throughout the day

By observing these things, you are more likely to make connections between the quality of your sleep and the behaviors you engage in. Once you get an idea of what your sleep  routine, and detracting behaviors are, you can refine your habits to promote better quality and sound sleep.

Make Small Changes

No two people can do the same things to improve their sleeping habits.One can adopt one change and other can adopt different one.

Like regular physical activity, working patterns and good nutrition etc

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Here are a few ways to consider that will give your sleep experience a boost:

  • Create a fixed time routine that allows for 30 minutes of “winding down” time which means one should avoid as much as it is possible to bring laptop or phone to bed.
  • Dim the  bright or shiny lights of your room as bright lights can hinder your Sleep pattern.
  • Directly going to bed you might try reading novels, do bedtime yoga, a hot/ cold shower, do meditation etc.
  • Be active and do some physical work which promotes good sleep generally.
  • Decrease alcohol consumption as it will disrupt sleep later in the night.
  • Eating and going to bed directly not only causes obesity but sleeping disorders also.
  • Fix your time of sleep and even rising time.
  • Have a soft and comfortable pillow, cushions and mattress to promote good sleep.
  • Have a closed area without light and noise as disturbance makes one uneasy and causes sleep disorder.

These few steps will not only promote sound sleep but definitely help in making your life better. One cannot assure to solve the deep rooted problems of sleep concerns totally in a few days or months but yet practicing sound and regular sleep hygiene will somehow lead a person to live a healthy and stress free life. Even if the person fails to see any changes after following these measures, it is important to seek the counsel of a sleep specialist as sleep disorders need to be given prior attention and prompts to be resolved as early as possible.

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