Essay on Newspaper in English

Essay on Newspaper in English

Every other day we know about every incident that happens in our era today through the newspaper. We get the news of the worst corner of the country sitting at home. In today’s era everything is incomplete without newspaper. Newspaper is that thing. Which people read as soon as they wake up. First of all, his eyes go to the newspaper itself.

It collects the news of the whole world and transmits it to us. It presents to us the news of each region in front of us. It helps us in our life skills. It makes us easy and easy to get information about new technologies all the time.

In this we get to see category wise news. In which- businessmen, politicians, social issues, unemployed, sports, international news, science, education, medicines, actors, fairs, festivals, techniques and life skills etc. Gives us a complete study about It also includes questions from current affairs.

It is very useful for our life. It has become a necessity for us. Reading newspaper in the morning gives peace of mind. The newspaper is published in many languages. In which English, English and Gujarati newspapers are published in major languages. Positive things are always written in the newspaper. It brings us the news of every corner of the country to us. It is also a means of employment for many people.

What is newspaper? What Is A Newspaper?

Newspaper is a collection of major events happening in our whole world. A written paper of all the major news of the country which is used in the market. It is called a newspaper (newspaper). Transfer of news from one place to another Newspaper attracts us to the interesting things of this world. It serves as our future reformer.

Newspaper Access Newspaper Access

In the olden times the function of the newspaper was only to keep the news in front of us. But in today’s newspaper, information related to every subject, way of living and useful material for us is also advertised. Newspaper is sent to every small village. We get new information by reading the newspaper. This gives us many facilities.

There is a change in the price and language style of these newspapers in different areas of our country. Which is important for everyone. The language of the newspaper is determined according to the language of all the states. The cost of the newspaper is Rs. Which considering its usefulness for us, its cost is very less.

People use newspapers for their different purposes. In which many people to do their business and many people use the major news of the newspaper on their website or any news channel. Newspaper disseminates news and information. Its main function is that of transfer. This is very powerful and inspirational. It informs us about every new event.

History Of Newspaper

The newspaper was originated by the British in our country. The British had developed the newspaper in our country. The first newspaper of our country was published in Kolkata in 1780. The editor of this newspaper was James Hickey. He named this newspaper “The Bengal Gazette”. After this this newspaper was liked by the people of our country.

Many people started publishing newspapers themselves. After this the development of newspaper started in our country. It was because of this newspaper started by the British that the people unitedly printed the newspaper and raised everyone against the British and drove the British out of our India.

Newspaper plays an important role in making our country free. The first newspaper was written in the English language. But today newspapers of every language are edited in our country.

Type of newspaper

There are many types of newspapers. In which we will divide them according to the time period. Most of the papers are published everyday. Like Dainik Bhaskar etc. Many are published twice a week. Which are called semi-weekly newspapers. Many are published twice a month. Those which are published semi-monthly and once in a month are called monthly newspapers.

Importance Of Newspaper

It takes a lot to read the news. There are many positive things written in it. Which makes us interested in reading more. For many people, reading newspapers has become a hobby for them. Most of it is used by children and old people. Newspaper is very useful for a student. He gets general information from the newspaper.

If we read English newspaper everyday, then we will not have difficulty in speaking English language. Newspaper is the biggest means of dissemination of news. It is capable of conveying every news to every corner of the world. Newspaper has a lot of importance in keeping our life successful and happy.

Newspaper: Knowledge Of All The Activities Of Politics Newspaper: Knowledge Of All The Activities Of Politics

News is a means of entertainment for us as well as it helps us to communicate about politicians. Our country is ruled by the people. That’s why we should keep abreast of every new issue. If any leader is running on wrong issue. So we can oppose it.

If there is no newspaper then what is the issue going on in the country. Is it beneficial to us? Or it will harm us. etc. We do not even know about it, whatever the leader would have done. We can talk to our government through newspapers.

Positive Impact Of Newspaper

Newspaper affects our lives a lot. Newspaper is very useful in our life. Newspapers have a positive effect. It gives us information about all the policy-rules, laws and our rights of our country. It also affects our lives.

In this, every day we tell about new great people. Due to which the ability to do something in our life is born. It attracts us towards the phase of our life and our attention towards our work. Gives new information about the natural environment.

Which tree should we plant? We are given philanthropic information for many countries and for us, how to make our country clean etc. By which we are motivated. By reading about good people, we feel the flaws inside us. And we try to improve it.

Profit And Loss From Newspaper

If there is a learner, then in our life we ​​get to learn something from everything. If we make good use of only one thing, then we can get benefit from it. And by misusing the same we get loss.


We get information about every event in the country and abroad. We also have entertainment. We get knowledge. We have many benefits like the new discovery made by the country and the decision of the government for the next program, when the examination will be held, etc. What to do when there is a financial crunch in our life? There is a great benefit to us by recognizing our life, our habits and our specialties.


There are many accidents in the newspaper everyday. Which has a bad effect on the life of the person. The wrong policies of the government are printed in the newspaper. Then everyone starts hating the government. And the environment around gets spoiled.


In today’s era, the most popular and cheap system of the people is the newspaper. In this people get many new information. By taking it in their life, people can make their life successful. The leaders are also afraid of the wrath of the newspaper. The importance of newspaper in the modern era is considered to be the most. Life is incomplete without newspaper.

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