Education is Way to be self reliant

Role of Education

Education is rightly said that education is one of the most important weapon which one can use to change the world. It is the tool which can convert a dumb person to a confident and independent personality. Education gives wings to our success and helps to achieve our goals easily. It starts when a child is born as he starts getting language, emotions and values from his first school-that is his family.  Soon he went to a school to be a learned person where he not only learn values , discipline but also develops his skills. Education gives him the power to think, to decide and to choose the best not only for himself or for his family but for his nation and society too.

Education in Ancient Times

No one can escape from the importance of education. In ancient times too, it has the great value. It is clearly evident from our vedas and upnishads. Earlier too the education was mandatory for every one whether he is rich or poor. As even the prince used to go to Gurukuls and lead the life of a shishya to learn the skills and values. They not only lead a disciplined life but also respect their teachers and always ready to fulfill their Guru’s words. Shri Ram , Arjuna, Eklavya are some  famous examples  of  students of their  times. They teach us to be respectful, focused, determined in the life.

Modern Education

The role of education is same as in ancient times though  various ways are developed to get education now. Now there are many institutions like schools and colleges available for the students to learn and to develop their skills. Not only this now the government is taking care that even the poor will get a chance to study and fulfill his dreams by giving opportunities in the form of scholarships or various plans. It is also taken into consideration that if someone for any reasons was not able to get timely education will now study or complete his left over education even as an adult. Special programmes for educating girls is also there.The main motto of our government is to make everyone literate and independent.

Education using Technology

With the advancement of science and technology the education has spread its wings. Now learning has become more fun and easier. It is now just a click away from each one of us. Even the uneducated if wants to know the latest happenings can have easily and get himself updated. But as it is helpful it has some limitations too especially for children. Now a days it has been observed that children are becoming lethargic, obese, egoistic and loose temper. It is all because of the technology. Now the children are facing problem in leading a self disciplined life . so, it is our duty to help them and show them the right way of achieving success. In this scenario the role of Gurus or Teachers become all the more important.

The teachers can work on their skill based learning instead of bookish learning by providing them the opportunities of doing things by own or experiential learning. We can help them to learn to use maximum of the limited resources. That will be the time to teach them to change their lifestyle and to be more disciplined and concerned for themselves and for others.

Teachers need to make the learners understand that though we will follow the technology and it will be a boon for all of us but it is also true one machine can do the work of many men but not even a single machine can compete with even any man’s mind. So, the need of the hour is to become extraordinary in all the ways. We need to follow the guidelines and must follow and know more about our tradition and culture.

In nutshell Education is actually the key to become self-reliant and lead the life of dignity.

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