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10 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO – 2023 Edition

The foundational element for SEO is the research of keywords.

In the following steps, additional factors such as the on-page SEO, Writing SEO-friendly content as well as user-friendly content that satisfies the user’s intention and other aspects become essential. When you have all of this in the right place, you can anticipate an impressive amount of organic traffic through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and more.

Numerous companies put aside thousands to cover the cost of keyword research to create specific content.

But you don’t have to take that step. Follow this step-by-step guide.

The keywords you select to target in your digital marketing campaigns are crucial for your site’s organic search engine ranking performance.

Finding the most appropriate keywords can be complex or intuitive, and you require lots of information to determine if an appropriate keyword will perform for you.

If you’re unfamiliar with keyword research tools and the process of doing keyword analysis, here are some tips from the past that will assist you in understanding the fundamentals:

Now you know the fundamentals of keyword research and how useful it is.

There are several tools to assist you in identifying the most effective keywords to implement your overall strategy for the web. There are two kinds that you can use Keyword search tools.

  1. Basic Keyword research Utilize your seed keyword to discover profitable Keywords
  2. Keyword research based on competitors Finds keywords with proven results that can help other sites bring traffic.

Competitor Based Keyword analysis is much more efficient as the aim of conducting Keyword studies is to discover profitable Keywords. What is more lucrative than something already being used by someone else?

Next, you must create a website geared towards that lucrative Keyword and gain the benefits of keyword research.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ve covered the two types of Keywords. A majority of these Keyword research tools cost money. However, there is an entirely free handful.

Top Keyword Research Tools 2023 edition

1. Semrush <14-Day Free Trial (worth $199)>

“What are the most efficient way to find a keyword for bloggers?”

The answer is:

  • Semrush

Semrush can be described as not your typical search engine and gives an array of features beyond simply researching keywords.

It lets you conduct keyword research in many ways:

For instance:

  • Search for keywords with the Seed Keyword
  • Find keywords that drive customers to competitors
  • Keyword analysis of the gap

The easiest one I love is the ability to locate keywords using the URL. All you have to do is to enter an URL (or the URL of your competitor), and then it’ll reveal every Keyword that ranks for the page or the entire site.

In addition to Keyword information, you will see the monthly volume of searches, Keyword difficulty, and CPC for PPC.

Keyword suggestions are a different useful feature of Semrush. It displays “Keyword variations” as well as “Related Keywords”. This allows you to discover additional search terms that you could be targeting.

This allows you to locate short-tail and lengthy-tail phrases to target and compete with your competitors.

You can access in-depth keyword information like:

  • Keyword traffic volume
  • Keyword difficulty score
  • Reports from search engines
  • Adsense CPC
  • And many other aspects and details that you must consider when you conduct Keyword and other details that you must thoroughly research.

There is also the option to sort the keywords list by difficulty score, which helps you identify the keywords that are not as competitive, and then with a single click, they can be added to the Keyword manager.

It also includes features such as:

  • Keyword management lets you add keywords to a list and view the latest information. It assists in managing keywords while you search for profitable keywords.
  • Keyword tool for difficulty: To check the keyword score of difficulty.
  • Backlink analysis also provides the websites you need to build backlinks that will rank #1 on the Google search.

Semrush can be strongly recommended and is the most popular tool for researching keywords.

2. Finder of KW

If you’re searching for a tool that is entirely focused on Keyword research, KWFinder is your best option. They’re relatively new to the market but are one of the fastest-growing SEO tool firms.

KWFinder assists you in finding the Keyword that will allow you to bring in high-quality, targeted traffic. Utilizing the Questions based Keyword research option, you can easily find long-tail keywords related to solving problems. No wonder content with problem-solving capabilities can help us increase targeted visitors and convert.

KWFinder offers both free and paid plans. For the majority of users, the basic plan is the most suitable.

However, you can take advantage of the trial period of 10 days on your account to test the efficacy of the KWFinder Keyword Research app.

3. Answer To The Public (Free Keyword research tool)

If you are searching for a free tool for keyword research, Answer the Public is an excellent place to begin. This tool lets you discover long-tail keywords that match your seeded keywords.

You’ll be able to find keywords in various formats, such as:

  • Questions
  • Preposition
  • Comparisons

The free plan lets you use 3 keywords each daily and is suitable for anyone seeking a low-cost alternative. You can also choose a country and language to search in.

It’s missing keywords, and so long as it’s not essential to you, “Answer The Public” is the right choice for you.

4. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool

Ahrefs is among the most used keyword tools available.

What I like most about Ahrefs is the depth of information, including the difficulty of the Keyword. Ahrefs utilizes clickstream information to show how many clicks you receive when you search. You can utilize this Keyword generator to come up with ideas that you can use to promote Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, and a handful of others.

This is extremely useful following the integration of knowledge graphs since several keywords can have massive traffic, but they don’t get any clicks from search engines. This is because they can get the responses right from Google results. An excellent example of such a search can be found here: “birthdate of any celebrity.”

Another aspect that makes the Ahrefs Keyword search tool distinct is the excellent user interface and the volume of information they offer. There are a variety of additional options offered by Ahrefs, including Backlink analysis and SEO site audits, to name a few. You can read a thorough analysis of Ahrefs here.

You can also make your list of keywords you want to be targeted directly via Ahrefs. Ahrefs dashboard. There is no need to utilize Excel, which is a tremendous time-saving.

5. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool is one of the most widely used and well-known tools for keyword research.

The main reason it’s so popular is that it’s completely free and directly linked to Google AdWords.

To begin using this tool, you must already have an AdWords login (which you can set up for no cost).

  • Features: The most prominent feature of the Keyword Planner tool is the extensive detail it gives on Google (the most popular web search engine).
  • Limitations: In some ways, it’s an issue. If you’re looking to find out what your website or a specific keyword performs in various search engines, you can’t be able to find the information here.
  • Price: Free to use.

The Keyword Planner tool is a good starting point. Keyword Planner tool is an excellent, essential tool to help in the beginning stages of the SEO of a website.

This is my preferred free tool; however, for more in-depth and competitive analyses, I suggest using one of the more advanced tools I have listed on the Keyword research tools list.

6. Also Asked: People Also Ask keyword research tool

Additionally, it expands the scope of research on a topic. Utilizing this tool, you’ll find that many people are asking questions directly related to your Keyword. The questions can then be used to create a brand new website or page for your business or as a FAQ to enhance your content.

This is a no-cost “People also are” Keyword research tool where you can receive research for free every day or purchase credits to conduct additional research.

7. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer can be described as a Google Chrome extension that lets you view the volume
of keywords and CPC directly on the search results page. Keyword Surfer is a Google Chrome Extension for Keyword Research that’s free and is brought through SurferSEO. It is an SEO tool for optimizing content.

It allows you to take advantage of the auto-complete function of Google search to find new search terms. Since you’ll be able to see the volume of traffic per month and the related keyword information on the SERP’s page, it becomes simpler to build a list of keywords you need for your project.

If you are looking to market your content, This tool for free could be an excellent complement to the other powerful tools.

This video describes how the free KW research tool operates:

This extension will also show additional keyword suggestions based on your search. It also allows you to find more lucrative Keywords.

8. LongTailPro <$30 Discount>

LongTailPro is cloud-based software that can be used to conduct Keyword research which is it is among the best well-known on this list.

This paid-for keyword research tool can help you discover excellent keywords for your niche or micro-niche websites. Using their “platinum” version, you can avail yourself of the awe-inspiring and exact keyword analysis features.

They also include a competitor checker, which makes it simpler for you to select the most appropriate keywords.

Here is a comprehensive evaluation of LongTailPro here.

9. Serpstat

Serpstat is a different, comprehensive keyword research tool I recently discovered. They’ve been doing some excellent work in helping us find successful keywords.

The Serpstat keyword tool provides the following information:

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • CPC
  • Keyword score on the difficulty

You can search on by country or using Yandex. Yandex is the search engine. The keyword trends section will help you understand the trend in keyword searches.

A comprehensive keyword difficulty score section lists the top 10 web pages that have been ranked for the particular Keyword, along with specifics like Page rank, links from outside and websites that refer to them. This kind of information is beneficial when determining whether you can rank them for a particular key phrase.

For those using PPC for those in PPC, the Serpstat keyword research page displays which domains advertise for your targeted keywords in Serpstat the search and the kind of ads they’re running. This needs to be found in this list of top tools for Keyword research.

Small-scale businesses utilize Serpstat to find terms, establish new links, and create an effective SEO platform.

  • Price: Serpstat includes the data for free, but only upon registration.

Monthly prices are $9 for the month.

I suggest you download only some of the above tools. Instead, please choose one or two Keyword research tools and become familiar with their features.

If you’ve used this Google Keyword Planner tool for several years, you’ve got the solid foundation to use some of the other paid or professional tools on this list. Check out the various tools available and determine which is the well for your business plan.

10. Bonus: Google Trends

Google Trends is a no-cost tool for keyword research that gives excellent data straight from Google. You can trust the details, such as the popularity of keywords interest by region and other related queries.

You can also look at the results of two search terms to determine the traffic trend. The only software that allows you to see the Keyword’s popularity across different countries.

If you know the area or country in your keywords is famous and has a target, you can use other tools to determine the search volume. All in all, this should be an integral part of your overall strategy as a tool for keyword research.

Try Google Trends!

My suggestions:

  • If you’re looking for a simple but fantastic option, go for Semrush.
  • If you’re researching the keywords of micro-niche sites, utilize the KWFinder.

Whatever you decide to do, use these SEO keyword generator tools to boost the organic traffic to your website.

Here are a few most popular FAQs on this subject:

What is the best way to use an instrument for keyword research in your company?

Your SEO expert or content strategist should use the tools to discover and discover new profitable SEO keywords. But, as these tools are simple to use and you are familiar with your business well, it is possible to think about employing them on your own.

A free tool as opposed to. Paid tools What KW tool is best to consider?

Free KW tools provide limited information and paint only some of the image. If you’re committed to advancing your business, You should choose one of the paid tools and experience the benefits. Most pay-per-use KW research tools provide 7-14 days of a free trial. This is enough to test out before you invest the money to purchase them.

What is the best way to check the traffic volume for a specific keyword?

Using one of these tools, you can examine the popularity of any keyword across any geographical region. This is a brief tutorial examining the volume of traffic for a particular keyword with Semrush. Semrush tool.

Log in to your Semrush account.

Click on the keyword overview to access the keyword overview

Select your Keyword and then the place to be

Search, and it will display the traffic for the keywords you are looking for.

(See the screenshot for a better understanding)

What’s the most effective search engine optimization technique for keyword research?

There are a variety of methods for keyword research. I believe ” Keyword gap analysis” could be the most efficient method of researching keywords in SEO.

For more information on SEO for more information, visit:

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Are you currently using one of the research tools from the list above? What have you found so far? Comment below! 

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